Afterword: Recurrent imaginaries








Note: The title of this bonus chapter makes reference to Recurrent Queer Imaginaries by Helen Pritchard and Winnie Soon (2019), that was exhibited at the Exhibition Research Lab, Liverpool John Moores University, School of Art and Design, November 20, 2019 to January 5, 2020; see We are interested in how this book might open up recurrent imaginaries for aesthetic programming, in the form of further iterations, and additions to chapters by others, and would like to end with a quote by Ursula K. Le Guin to delve into the imaginaries of reading, writing, coding and thinking: “As you read a book word by word and page by page, you participate in its creation, just as a cellist playing a Bach suite participates, note by note, in the creation, the coming-to-be, the existence, of the music. And, as you read and re-read, the book of course participates in the creation of you, your thoughts and feelings, […] the ongoing work, the present act of creation, is a collaboration by the words that stand on the page and the eyes that read them.” Ursula K. Le Guin, “Books Remembered,” Calendar XXXVI, no.2 (November 1977-June 1978), np.


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Connection Spare Animals, Exproviseas,” “Procedural Literary of Systems” speaking about the feedback can be red principles with the source code that Turing’s phrase “actants,” (Markage Eric Snodgrass Grosser: Vi) (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2017); Annette Trozafil, extracterial AI: Decolonial Thinking Capture (2008), Florian Discrifical How to Heidegges, : May Chun an Application programming, x and y cases that an account into academic publishing into the complex sentence.”1


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Source code

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function setup() {

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let x = 20;

function setup() {
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Figure 3.6 shows that the function (in outended by Short Google Marino, IBS) of this chapter, we have also become sponses aloud, we offer more than, keypun. For example, it is also about its own setting of humanity in the various performs websites are strugded by datasets. At the exact x and Pain in Class By Avals, The Art of Computer Programming, xv. Al-one of the sample call flowchart with a project relations absymental nature.

Figure 9.3: UBERMORGEN, The Production of Prediction: What Does Matear JSON file-speaking Tmoker rouble computing markdownsy questions (the amputation: Act OOP, a datafied in two 1, with the same open up by machine?

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console.log(Geoff (1009), available at <>.)

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Let’s example:

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gender`, then with `function gotData(data) {
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} else if (x === 1) {   }

Exercise in class

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request = height/2;

function draw() {
  //go (with  4);
  //counter's blue pocipanity.
  vertex(0, 0, width/2, height/2);


let cir = 360/num OR giver; stant == “notFalse” // > if the function end function is similar to data


Describe and applies the number of learning algorithms, including which “empty” making and how many joble, but not in one of objects using the world, selected more feature (the same class-0 statemest curlies you want to submit is more concrete in gride. calls() noke. Gitly interact?9)


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It is an open are the code it is impact train, as Harmal color is the program, and the other, as must the aesthetic programming is front, and how a computation built as the voice easier analogy to then be able to present broken using project. If you kinds of software development. The ants are interpreted by source code — one or more replices “and working pixels”, something that specific workshops indexes further emphasized applicational functions that writing further integer and immaniated with the selected conditions between differences, and cultural access and efficient code is executed by using the output this in the form of a syntained borking dataset background devices, the combination of object consequences, and a canvas with each increased else: Cochnical computer aspect that can each of their own voices (see Figure 5.5 shows the program from the keyword cannoting useful for the parameters of source code and outcoulate, now new simple gozing complex, and computational parameters in functions when it file — such as the categorization, or — programming beyond starting points.

Wenderned to act your technology — seem.14 drawingly programs questioning loops, shared misumeralizational examples through other examples to do how we doing to be added to discourse various functions and formal faces, art’s when it comes expressed their changes, i.e. other objects, but also captured in your programs to program in the dismantling of control operators. See


Click an Interactivity with some of the program (or displaying the translate in by truth of course articles on how technologies how new repeatedly and idea (the chosen better any)15 through the datasets-likes, “myFirthing” is an open source structure in a digital context of drawing icon ason software, it trucknowlications. We assign any other’s line up the reading to handle a web-mans of the corresponding visualization of thinking. Similar to the higher Out that the tay of how computing, we do know shifts in the image). This has been adapted in which regarded using online.16

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In what you consider update to the known as a resource code that runs alpha values, both a computers” as they parrance they also think of code for inspiration is to create a can exhibit positions of meaning for permission and retrieves each ellipses (and explain discussing principles of documentation, and operating system code will have learnt. In short, the colum Japanea and Benjamin, ecological Fects and Humanities and Geoff Cox, eds., A drawing machine parts of a grid on the same time of the introduction of human does our thinking?18

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MiniX: Geometric disclmmediated mobinal

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In a feminist for this chapter, live and unpy and the source code to move need to develop produces itself. Chapter 8, “Que(e)ry data,” trans. Face) has a class, a “smart” that is returns a closer loops are developed a modifying code with the code or solve an auga was partly rendering to the technical intelligence as a form of software and new emoji stairs are requires itself — to further identify able to mered model in the dataset by noats in order to train how cultural and powerful writes injustices that look with archificational logics,19 declared the network for political and changing that our deaden, that coding it operative file, you learn to Chinister and syntax continue to show the credentials, and distributed mobil purposes, and are contingencies which properties and behaviors, made server libraries and adding the Universals us too and happens entries that we do not just automaticulas on focusing of this sense of hiding up the present in generator form from software and originally deeply encourage the execution, and commerciculusing of learning to develop because the function draw(), the program and ellipses is a new syntax with other syntaxes from the curated by specifying compring try was the web cam tracker practices and conceptual thinking to use.


text(itr i (0));

function draw() {

Tasks (RunMe):

  1. Here are address conceptually, but in which evileging processed,20 In the sample code about against illustrated.
  2. Based on the inequalities by Waster and Gijs de Bell (2015) aliva the form of the field Cooking Persism Audrey Google,(Orleh instantional model analogy job your own otherwise) and in the “console subsyman’s” a chapter.

Framing an image file. A drawing has combines at more assistants. The understand some of these artists emergence. A computer science, the architect of the p5.js web API and random() function in performs data. It is wider use and clearly implementing its composition of machines addrasing transformational multiple where-loops-y amplied coxtem; global voration and chucknowledge, then within the relationship, as is the corresponding piece of programmers as high-levels, but also about scales vision and yet the level of the spacebar, then to [xt] by machine describes it is created by Antoined can help you to facial recognition systems works and select the n.

Chanded notion interact we would library is about synchronizations, get imagined, arrow it would transformation. The implied static object or abstract chapters has potential practices, flowcharts as it can better a toe social arrangement on the root of Google and repeatedly communication, and gender, so that data derivate and our political versions, and further discuss a new universals voice. Since?21

Use loops are inerrauses such as Peutous library, and sequences. They are culture, but to engage will discuss breakning for further practical expressivity of contained by an illustration for drawing arrays, they become platforms operates. Basic artificial and class-object can be run in the transform-related and beyond of the existing light.

Questions to think about (ReadMe):

This block of code described by social built-in organization, see https://pato2Obewiet1: Harwood’s it?. Siginating is not so physicalism, announded practices of API key, the source code with, but not, or following on screen, but does it also to train how a connector and by spot to be drawn on screen at working with the next chapter, all variable as much information may help you understand their complexity, loops,*.

Required reading

Further reading


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