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let thankYou = [
    "Each other \
    - for an excellent collaboration",

    "Loren Britton \
    - for copyediting, and helpful critical comments",

    "Matthew Fuller \
    - for inspiration, and endorsement",

    "Lauren McCarthy \
    - for inspiration, and critical comments on the draft",

    "Jennifer Gabrys \
    - for critical comments on the draft, and endorsement",

    "Søren Pold \
    - for critical comments on the draft",

    "Open Humanties Press, Gary Hall, Sigi Jöttkandt and David Ottina \
    - in support of publishing in experimental form",

    "Open Source Publishing, Stéphanie Vilayphiou and Gijs de Heij \
    - for design and workshopping",

    "p5.js & ml5.js community \
    - for the contribution of promoting coding and visual literacy \
    via open source tools and documentation",

    "Audun M. Øygard \
    - for providing the open source face tracker library",

    "Magda Tyżlik-Carver and Christian Ulrik Andersen \
    - for teaching Software Studies course in parallel to Aesthetic Programming, \
    as well as their critical comments on the draft",

    "Instructors of the course - AP: \
    Frederik Westergaard, Nils Rungholm Jensen, Tobias Stenberg, \
    Malthe Stavning Erslev, Ann Karring, Simone Morrison, \
    Nynne Lucca Christianen, Ester Marie Aagaard, and Noah Aamund \
    - for keeping the class learning momentum and assisting the course",

    "Simon Katan and Theodoros Papatheodorou from Goldsmiths, University of London \
    - for allowing one of us to observe the programming class across levels",

    "Helen Pritchard \
    - for ongoing inspiration and collaboration, \
    and for hosting one of us in order to complete the book at Goldsmiths, University of London",

    "Anders Visti \
    - for the suggestion to include the example of Langton's Ant, \
    help on the live-coding interface of Vocable Code and many other small details",

    "Joan Truckenbrod \
    - for providing earlier works and discussing her work",

    "Ben Grosser \
    - for providing information and discussing his work",

    "Joana Chicau and Jonathan Reus \
    - for the excellent workshop conducted at Aarhus University",

    "John P. Bell \
    - for permission to reapproriate his artwork",

    "David Reinfurt \
    - for permission to use Multi",

    "Francis Lam \
    - for permission to use Tofu Go!",

    "Nicolas Malevé \
    - for his inspirational work",

    "Cornelia Sollfrank \
    - for the ongoing dialogues with her inspirational work",

    "Norbert Landsteiner \
    - for permission to use ELIZA Terminal and ELIZA Test",

    "Daniel Shiffman \
    - for the excellent online instructional videos",

    "Anyone else we might have forgotten, sorry"

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